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Letter: Please Come Back Nils Christiansen

Published on: 7 May, 2019
Updated on: 7 May, 2019

Former councillor Nils Christiansen

Simon Mason

In response to: Joe Public Is Not Stupid

I was not aware that Nils Christiansen was deselected as a candidate for the Conservatives and if this is true it is shocking as he has for the last four years clearly displayed excellent impartial counsel to the council.

I was aware that he resigned from the Conservatives to join the Independents which to my mind better suited his honest impartiality anyway and I thought he was just taking a break from politics.

His departure is a great loss to Guildford and had he stayed I feel he would have made a great candidate for leader of the council.

Maybe, if he wanted to jump back into the office he could contest any by-elections between now and 2023?

Please come back Nils.

Editor’s note: The deselection of Nils Christiansen, and others, was extensively covered in The Guildford Dragon as can be seen via the links below.

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