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Letter: There Is Little Support for a New Railway Bridge at Ash

Published on: 2 Jan, 2021
Updated on: 2 Jan, 2021

Ash level crossing

From: John Dymott

In response to: There Are Many Reasons to Reconsider the Plan to Build a Railway Bridge at Ash

As chairman of Ash Residents Association, I am well aware of the issues raised by Sue Wyatt-Price and I support all of her comments.

Why is Guildford Borough Council so keen to rush this project through?

There is little support from local residents as is clearly indicated by looking at the number of objections listed under the comments section on the planning application.

Also, projects under the Blackwater Valley Hotspots, which have approval, have not yet been implemented, so how can GBC know whether those will alleviate traffic problems in the area.

If they do, then there is no need for the bridge. Why not wait to see the impact of those, much cheaper projects before making any decisions that will cause significant disruption to the local community?

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