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Letter: This Bill Infringes Our Ancient Rights to Protest

Published on: 8 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 8 Apr, 2021

From: Susan Fox

In response to: ‘Kill the Bill’, 100 Guildford Protesters March – MP Says Bill Will Stop Threats to Public Order

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill infringes our ancient right to demonstrate for and against proposals, in accordance with our beliefs.

The right to do so is an important adjunct to democracy as is each and every election.

It imposes impossible problems for the police who act with the consent of us all. They are not and, I guess, do not wish to be arbitrators of democracy.

Understaffed and underfunded, they are first responders to emergencies along with the NHS whose priority is to save lives.

This bill is a knee jerk response to challenge by the weak, arrogant minority who believe they are always right. I’ve been wrong in the past but have always been free to voice my opinion as have all your contributors.

What have we come to?

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