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Letter: What Would a ‘People’s Vote’ Achieve?

Published on: 27 Sep, 2018
Updated on: 27 Sep, 2018

The Lib Dem “Brexitometer”

From John Perkins

In response to: Lib Dems Say Guildford Residents Are Unhappy With Brexit Negotiations

Guildford’s MP Anne Milton is right to be wary of reacting to such a demand, particularly in view of the miniscule size of the sample. The big yellow sign at the top of the board shown would naturally cause it to attract mostly Lib Dem supporters.

Few people would agree that the Brexit negotiations are going well, but that only shows an inability of the government and Civil Service to do what was asked of them.

What exactly would a “People’s Vote” achieve and what level would it be pitched at? If it were limited to accepting any agreement or not then it would, in fact, be just another referendum. Whereas if it were to encompass all arrangements then people might find they don’t have time in their busy lives to decide on the myriad of issues. That’s what MPs and civil servants are for, otherwise why pay them?

Support for it might well be growing, but so is my waistline and it still doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

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Responses to Letter: What Would a ‘People’s Vote’ Achieve?

  1. David Wragg Reply

    September 27, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    If we had a “people’s vote”, it would only be because the Remainers want people to change their minds. If we did that, all credibility with the EU, and even further afield, would be lost. We could expect to lose what is left of our rebate and even be pressured into joining the Euro.

    Mr Perkins is right. The politicians and civil servants are failing in their duty to the country, and that is why the Brexit negotiations have been so slow and so painful.

    The EU negotiators can now be seen in their true colours as bullies. They are only interested in our money. The EU is not an economic area, but a political one and woe betide anyone who criticises it or attempts to leave.

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