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Major Drop in Number of New Covid Cases and Fewer Deaths Reported, So Far, in ‘Second Wave’

Published on: 19 Jan, 2021
Updated on: 20 Jan, 2021

By Martin Giles

The past week (ending January 18) has seen the second consecutive fall in the number of new Covid infections reported in Guildford borough. It also saw the biggest decrease since the “second wave” commenced in late September.

Numbers dropped in every borough and district of Surrey and only Waverley borough has a lower number per 100,000 of population (the “running rate”) than Guildford.

Within Guildford borough, rates vary markedly. Ash Wharf had 926 new cases per 100k while next door in Ash Vale the same rate was just 372.

West Clandon and Send saw the biggest increase. 74 new cases more than doubled their previous rate of 402 to 850. At the other end of the table, South Guildford and the area made up of Gomshall, Shere and Albury saw only nine new cases each.

in the South East region, hospital admissions also dipped, once again the first decrease since the autumn.

Twelve new deaths within four weeks of a positive Covid test were once again reported in the week. But a comparison of the number of deaths, where Covid was mentioned on the death certificate, shows a stark contrast between the first and second waves. In the nine weeks of the first wave commencing April 1, there were 76 such deaths while in the first nine weeks of the second wave starting November 6, a much lower number,18.

One of the factors affecting mortality, as confirmed by Louise Stead, CEO at the Royal Surrey in her Dragon interview, is the better treatments that have been developed and medicines identified as effective.

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Later today the Dragon hopes to report first-hand from the G Live vaccination centre. Please check back.


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