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PM Antiques & Collectables – Winter Bulletin

Published on: 3 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 3 Dec, 2020

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PM Antiques & Collectables would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all who have taken time to browse the site in recent months. We have been open for business throughout lockdown, with many more antiques and collectables added to our eclectic range.

With the UK in forced Covid hibernation for the winter, what better way to while away the days than by surrounding yourself with pieces from some of the world’s best loved artists and makers?

Berwick-on-Tweed by LS Lowry. A limited edition print of 650 priced at £9,000.

Looking outdoors at the lingering fog and chill in the air, few have managed to sum up that sense of enchanting bleakness better than the artist Laurence Stephen Lowry.

There is something in the simplicity of Lowry’s brushstrokes and sombre palette which evokes not only the English industrial heartland where he grew up, but this whole season for all of us.

We are thrilled to be able to offer two of his classic prints in desirable limited form. The first is ‘The Cart’ from a limited edition of 850 which was inspired by a road Lowry knew well on the way to Denbigh, and the second is ‘Berwick-on- Tweed’ from a limited edition of 650 which is widely considered one of his finest works.

These signed prints, priced at £7,500 and £9,000 respectively, are not only mesmerising images to hang on your wall, but great investments too.

If winter is really about warmth, then nowhere sums that up better than the kitchen. Always a popular seller, we currently have a set of six Ercol light elm Windsor hoop back dining chairs at £400 which are perfect for placing around an old pine table. Comfortable and strong these are among the most versatile chairs we know of and for good reason have never gone out of fashion.

Neil Ions pottery vase, priced at £250.

Of course, for coffee and informal lunches after a long morning walk there is no better complement than studio pottery. We currently have some beautiful and tactile use and display pieces by contemporary makers including Heather Johnson, Sutton Taylor and Neil Ions which ooze warmth and texture. If you are a fan of the classics instead then we also have pieces by such luminaries as Clarice Cliff and Moorcroft as well.

More than anything else, winter should be about laughter and little tokens to remind people we still love them. We have therefore hand-picked a few items we hope will help with both of those needs.

From contemporary artist Jennifer Hogwood, we offer a fabulous oil painting of a Highland cow with so much character that it will make even the grumpiest member of your family smile. We have also just managed to secure another copy of Stuart Beckett’s brilliant limited edition print of George Best as the fifth Beatle crossing Abbey Road. These are ticketed at £1,000 and £700 respectively.

‘El Beatle’, a George Best signed print at £700.

For the younger boys we have a 46cm high limited edition model of the Clone Trooper from Star Wars Episode II at £300, and perhaps for the ‘wishing they were still boys’ group how about an original 1960s boxed set of Lego that for £150 will surely stir some happy memories and hours of play!

Sideshow Collectables Star Wars Clone Trooper, priced at £300.

For the ladies of the family then you can never really go wrong with a gift of Swarovski crystal. Founded in Austria in 1895, Swarovski long ago cemented their name as the world leaders in cut crystal ornaments. Recently we were lucky enough to acquire an extensive single-owner collection comprising over 400 boxed ornaments.

With prices starting from as little as £20 for a sweet little crystal animal and running all the way up to £6,000 for some amazing centrepieces from their acclaimed ‘Myriad’ range, it is not surprising that our Swarovski collection has been selling like hot cakes.

Since, for most of us, surfing the internet is the most exotic travel we’ll be doing this winter, don’t forget to check out our website on a regular basis. We guarantee to be adding more fun, iconic, unique and ‘must have’ items to help you sail through this unusual winter with grace and a smile!

As a footnote, it might just be that you have decided to part with similar collectables while having a good old clear-out during the lockdown period. If you are looking to sell, then we are always keen to add to our range. We offer a free quotation no obligation service. Contact us by telephone on 01932 640113 or email

Click here to see a video of some of our range.

Stay safe,

PM Antiques & Collectables

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