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Foreign Students Boost Guildford Economy

Published on: 19 Mar, 2016
Updated on: 25 Mar, 2016

Jackson & Jackson logoWere you aware that thousands of foreign students visit the Guildford area every year?

You have seen them no doubt in the High Street and in the town centre. Gaggles of excited boys and girls enjoying the thrill of being away from home and being in a foreign country.

A group of young Chilean students, based in Guildford, enjoying the sights of London.

A group of young Chilean students, based with host families in Guildford, enjoying the sights of London.

As you would expect, they bring a much needed boost to local businesses and individuals alike.

Guildford Borough Council’s strategy estimates that tourism alone benefits Guildford to the tune of about 5,300 jobs and accounts for about 7.5% of the local economy.

And some families are taking the opportunity to cash in by accommodating the young students.

Whether you are a single parent family, retired and the children have flown the nest, or quite simply a couple who would like the experience, many people are finding that short-term hosting is very rewarding.

Out on a day trip!

Out on a day trip!

The thought of having someone in your home for long periods of time can be a daunting one. This is one of the reasons why most people are put off the idea.

However, there is a way you and your family can enjoy the experience of entertaining school age students and not feel committed for lengthy periods.

School coaches arrive in Guildford every week, with up to 70 children at a time looking for three or four nights’ accommodation during the week.

Your commitment is limited to collecting them from a local pick up point, taking them home and feeding them, and then simply dropping them back to the meeting point in the morning.

Excited students from Mexico arriving in Guildford for their trip to the UK.

Excited students from Mexico arriving in Guildford for their trip to the UK.

If you have children, they will find it a rewarding experience mixing with school age children from a different country. The majority of them are French but they come from all over the world including South America. They are here for a cultural visit and to practice their English skills.

Many families remain in touch with these children and their families, and it is not unusual for them to be invited to France so that the French families can repay the hospitality.

But you don’t have to have children to join in, if you have a presentable home and can offer an English experience then you too can enjoy the rewards.

Jackson & Jackson Europe has been organising school visits in the Guildford area for over five years. It brings in an average of 3,500 students per year and is always looking for host families to accommodate them.

If you would be interested in being involved in this rewarding experience, check out the Jackson & Jackson website for full details or ring call 07794 975344 for an informal chat. Email


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