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Property Closed After Repeated Anti-social Drug Activity

Published on: 29 Apr, 2019
Updated on: 2 May, 2019

A property in Riverside, in the Bellfields area of Guildford persistently used in drug-related activity, has been closed for defying ASBOs. Last year, partial-closure had been served for anti-social behaviour offences. But police and agency efforts to work with the tenant failed and full closure has been imposed till July 24, 2019 because of the detrimental effect on neighbouring residents.

Inspector Andy Hill praised the hard work and extra evidence provided by officers from the Guildford Neighbourhood Team, working with the Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

He said: “This news will, no doubt, come as a relief to residents of Riverside, Guildford, who have had to put up with anti-social behaviour for so long. This result was the culmination of excellent team-work to bring this case to a successful conclusion and the community-centred approach has meant residents on Riverside can now live their lives without having to endure further criminal activity.

“We strongly encourage anyone to get in touch if they are aware of a property near them that could be related to drug-dealing, or is regularly the source of anti-social behaviour.”

Anyone experiencing anti-social behaviour near by should contact the ASB information website for guidance and advice or

Those who suspect or observe drug-dealing or anti-social behaviour in their area can contact Surrey Police via or call 101 or 999 in an emergency. To make an anonymous report, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Signs of potential drug dealing

– Lots of visitors, who don’t stay long, arriving at all times of the day and night;
– People waiting in cars outside particular properties and exchanging small packets or cash;
– Lots of visitors bringing items such as TVs or bikes but leaving empty-handed; and
– Lone/vulnerable neighbours suddenly having groups of young men living at their address.

What police want to know
– Times, dates and places;
– Vehicle registrations and the make, model and colour;
– Descriptions of people and details of what they were doing;
– Direction they travel from and to; and- How many times you have seen them?
– Is it always at the same time of day?

Always pass the information to the police. Do not confront or approach suspected drug-dealers.

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