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Scrapbook History No.3

Published on: 28 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 29 Dec, 2020

By David Rose

Here are some more newspaper and magazine cuttings people long ago pasted into scrapbooks.

From the 1920s onwards it was a popular thing to do to keep cuttings on local history and notable local events. Some of those featured this time reflect Christmas and the new year.

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Fire in Guildford High Street, January 1946. The Eashing Farm Dairies’ milk bar was just down from the junction with Quarry Street.

Yet more floods! Add 1933 to the years they occurred.

A dot screened print of the High Street at night and its Christmas lights. Possibly taken late 1940s.

The toll cottage on the Shalford Road was roughly at the junction of today’s Pilgrims Way.

Rarely seen photo of a chapel that was a part of the Royal Grammar School. Looking in a westerly direction, Holy Trinity Church dominates in the centre with Abbot’s Hospital away to the right.

A snowy Stoke Park and the boating lake in 1947.

There was an awful lot of weather in 1947! Floods here at Millmead in December.

The controversial spectacle of people going fox hunting. It was once a popular thing to do on Boxing Day to watch the toffs on horseback. Banned by the Labour government in 2004, some believe it to be horrific that the Tories included a pledge for a free vote on fox hunting in its 2017 election manifesto.

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  1. Brian Holt Reply

    December 30, 2020 at 11:56 am

    Looking at the picture of Eashing Farm Dairies’ milk bar fire in January 1946, I was then only four years old then.

    They must have had another fire in about 1950, because I can remember coming home from Holy Trinity School and seeing their shop, which was bigger than the one in the picture, completely burnt out.

    The smell of burning wood was strong and you could smell it from Quarry Street.

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