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Letter: Town Centre Just Bustled, Welcoming First Farmers’ Market Of 2021

Published on: 31 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 31 Mar, 2021

First Farmers’ Market of 2021

From: Tony Rooth

R4GV councillor for Pilgrims

There was much more than just green shoots on Guildford’s High Street for our first Farmers’ Market of 2021 when 36 stalls returned to a bustling town centre on a warm and sunny day.

Serving many varieties of food, butchers with everything from game and beef to steak pies for the freezer and bakers with special bread, cream and Eccles cakes. Sorry, no candlestick-makers but perhaps alongside today’s cheese, spice and fudge/chocolate stalls, there will be next time.

Hopefully we will also see the return of jewellery and clothes stalls.

Plenty of drink on display, with several types of gin, beer, dry ginger and sodas. My lunch on the hoof included pork pie and paella.

Residents were obviously happy to welcome them back. And we can expect even much more to come at the next Farmers’ Market on Tuesday, May 4.

These small independent traders need our support and we should rally round. We appreciate them.

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