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Letter: Debenhams? Knock it Down!

Published on: 27 Apr, 2019
Updated on: 27 Apr, 2019

From: Richard Francis

In response to: Guildford’s Debenhams To Close

Debenhams? Knock it down!

Property company M&G and Guildford Borough Council must in their hearts know that finding occupiers for the Debenhams site is a lost cause. The days of large stores are over and the building is not suited to alternative usage.

Bite the bullet now and plan to completely demolish the building in favour of a marina and riverside park.

Long new structures no higher than two stories should contain a mixture of restaurants, small shops, offices and private accommodation between the town bridge and the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

Impossible no. Difficult yes. Expensive yes. Imaginative yes. Needed for Guildford Yes.

Otherwise, we face years of a boarded-up site and faded “To Let” signs.

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