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Letter: Guildford’s Businesses Need More Support from Landlords, Government and the Council

Published on: 19 Oct, 2020
Updated on: 19 Oct, 2020

From Ben Darnton

proprietor of Ben’s Records

In response to: Business Rents and Rates Are Key to Town’s Economic Health

Well said Valerie Thompson. Landlords need to get a reality check now or face having empty premises forever. And if central government wants town centres to survive it will need to subsidise local councils who rely on revenue from business rates and parking charges.

It is great news that Tattam’s Bar and Gail’s bakery are opening in Tunsgate but with high parking charges potential customers will be put off staying long.

I also think Guildford Borough Council might want to review their decision to charge the same for their car parks on Sundays as on weekdays the other because they say Sundays are just another nowadays.

Unfortunately, footfall won’t return to higher levels until the Covid-19 pandemic has disappeared and with so many customers now shopping online, and getting their orders delivered free the following day, the last thing the beleaguered High Street needs is another reason not to visit.

My observation is that the town is busy enough from 10-2 during the week but quieter later on, so perhaps cheaper or free parking can be introduced to encourage more visitors during these quieter times?

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