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Letter: Has the Government Got the Bottle to Phase Out Food Banks?

Published on: 10 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 10 Dec, 2020

Major Catherine Rand of Guildford Salvation Army.

From: John Morris

Former candidate of the Peace Party

In response to: Video Highlights Faith Community’s Support As Food Poverty Increases

What must “people in need” feel when they find they are unable to put enough food on the table for themselves and their families? Frankly, I just don’t know, for I am not in that position.

I am appalled, indeed, very angry, that one of the richest countries in the world cannot ensure that every one of my fellow citizens has sufficient income to go to the shops to buy food to feed themselves, let alone, pay the rent, gas and electricity, pay to get to work and clothe themselves.

The Trussell Trust says that 1.9 million food parcels were distributed in 2019/20. That’s 1.9 million parcels too many.

The government has it in its power to put this right tomorrow. It could ensure everyone has a basic income, sufficient for their needs. It can initiate a job guarantee scheme to go with this.

Has the present government the will and the bottle to phase out food banks?

The banks and their volunteers must be thanked for what they have done to “paper over the cracks” in our so-called civilised nation for too many years.

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