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Letter: It Is Not Going Like Clockwork in Switzerland Either

Published on: 6 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 6 Dec, 2020

From: H Trevor Jones

In response to: Schwesterlich News: Happy Covid Christmas!

As a town-twinning member, I often combine Freiburg visits with visiting a Swiss friend in Basel. His latest email to me (on 5 December 5) may be of interest:

“You may have read that Switzerland is one of the hotspots in Europe now. People are not behaving very reasonably, the central government can only give recommendations, the cantons are waiting for them, and then do the opposite or nothing at all, and certainly not what the neighbouring cantons do.

In Basel, we have the ridiculous situation that all the pubs and restaurants are closed, but in Baselland, ie in the agglomeration just a few hundred metres from where we live they are open.

To ski or not to ski that is the issue most discussed at the moment. The mountain cantons and railways want business as usual, the central government want restrictions. And then the rules for Christmas: they may be similar to yours, we’ll see.”

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