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Letter: If Mr Mansbridge Became Mayor, Who Would He Answer To?

Published on: 20 Jul, 2016
Updated on: 20 Jul, 2016

mayorFrom John Robson

The Conservative led council was elected on a “manifesto”, one pledge included the protection of the green belt.

It’s difficult to know which Conservative clique you can trust? The answer is neither, given that the only green belt that will be enhanced is the one in the council leader’s ward.

But maybe it’s needed just to separate the warring Conservative factions from Ash and Tongham?

It’s a tad rich for Mr Mansbridge to play the “parochial mind set” card, given that he is of the “trajectory has been set” ilk.

Under his leadership of the council no one was allowed to even challenge the council Executive’s “comfy bubble”, never mind burst it. But little has changed.

Mr Mansbridge was happy to play party politics when it suited his agenda, so it’s hard to take him seriously as an independent when he was fully prepared to drive home bogus a housing target handed down by Westminster, irrespective of the damage to the town he now wishes to represent.

Who would he answer to? Those who funded the petition?

Such a pity when this country faces enormous challenges that we have such a dearth of competent leaders.

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