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Mystery Flight of Scarecrow Angel from Village Church is Solved

Published on: 20 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 20 Dec, 2020

By Chris Dick

The mysterious flight of a rather matronly scarecrow angel from Effingham’s St Lawrence Church only to land in an undignified heap 200 metres up Church Street near the Lower Road junction has been solved.

One angel undressed and then apparently napping, to get over her ordeal

Actually, two scarecrow angels had been set up by children from a local Guides pack at the church, the faceless plump one and another who appeared to have a disconnected head, possibly awaiting a halo. Later, that head and angel were joined, although at first she seemed to be sleeping on the job but finally pulled herself together.

Then early on Thursday evening (December 17) the matronly angel disappeared. Village vigilantes turned to modern science, checked the CCTV and spotted two pranksters dragging the poor lady down the street and dumping her heavenly body.

The angels restored.

Now Effingham Residents Association has launched an appeal to track down the unholy individuals, who can now be seen on YouTube

The Guides are believed to be a little upset although their scarecrows have been much admired, attracting much local mirth.

The residents association article, apparently with a completely straight face, suggests that the individuals concerned “should own up and make amends” and that anyone with any information should contact the Revd Mandy MacVean.

Happily, the two angels are now back in situ although the festively plump one looks slightly the worse for her ordeal.


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